ATM & Debit Cards

VISA Debit Card

The VISA Debit Card is the plastic card that works like a check with the amount of your purchase being deducted directly from your checking account. Use it for purchases anywhere the VISA logo is displayed at millions of merchants worldwide. Plus, the VISA Debit Card doubles as an ATM card; use it to access cash at almost every ATM in the world.  

TransFund ATM Card

TransFund ATM Card allows cardholders easy access to their funds at ATMs worldwide and allows cash withdrawals, account transfers and balance inquiries. A TransFund ATM Card also helps reduce the need to carry large amounts of cash.

No-Surcharge ATMs

  • TransFund - Red Crown participates in TransFund’s statewide No-Surcharge ATM Network providing hundreds of surcharge-free ATM locations. Cardholders just need to look for the ATMs that display the “NC” symbol and they know the machine owner will not assess a surcharge fee. To find the nearest TransFund "NC" ATM by city or zip code, click here.
  • ATM Zone - Red Crown also participates in ATM Zone, a network of Oklahoma credit unions dedicated to expanding their members' access to no-surcharge ATMs in Oklahoma. With ATM Zone, members have access to over 100 ATMs to withdraw cash and make other transactions without having to pay a surcharge. Just look for the ATM Zone logo posted on the front of participating Oklahoma credit union ATMs.  For a complete listing of ATM Zone locations, click here.