ATM & Debit Cards

VISA Debit Card

The Red Crown debit card gives you access to your checking or savings accounts 24-hours a day. It also allows you to purchase goods and services anywhere VISA is accepted without writing a check or paying cash. You will be able to:

  • Make cash withdrawals
  • Make deposits at ATMs that accept deposits
  • Check your balance
  • Select your own personal identification number (PIN)

Red Debit Card

White Debit Card 

High School Debit Card Program

Red Crown now offers debit cards supporting Pryor Public Schools and Adair Public Schools. You can now show your spirit and support your school. Red Crown will make a continual donation to each school. If you don't see your school, make a request by contacting us.

Pryor Debit Card

Adair Debit Card 

Folds of Honor Debit Card Program

Red Crown now offers debit cards supporting the Folds of Honor Foundation. You can show your support towards our military and their families. Red Crown will make a continual donation to the Folds of Honor Foundation.

Folds of Honor Debit Card

Surcharge Free ATMs

  • TransFund - Red Crown participates in TransFund’s statewide surcharge free ATM Network providing hundreds of surcharge-free ATM locations. Cardholders just need to look for the ATMs that display the “NC” symbol and they know the machine owner will not assess a surcharge fee. To find the nearest TransFund "NC" ATM by city or zip code, click here.
  • ATM Zone - Red Crown also participates in ATM Zone, a network of Oklahoma credit unions dedicated to expanding their members' access to surcharge free ATMs in Oklahoma. With ATM Zone, members have access to over 100 ATMs to withdraw cash and make other transactions without having to pay a surcharge. Just look for the ATM Zone logo posted on the front of participating Oklahoma credit union ATMs.  For a complete listing of ATM Zone locations, click here.

TransFund ATM Card

TransFund ATM Card allows cardholders easy access to their funds at ATMs worldwide and allows cash withdrawals, account transfers and balance inquiries. A TransFund ATM Card also helps reduce the need to carry large amounts of cash.

Debit Card Restrictions

Due to extraordinary fraudulent activities in specific states of the United States, we are no longer accepting any signature based transactions in Texas and Arkansas if the transaction is $200.00 or over at:


·         grocery stores

·         electronic stores

·         discount/general merchandise stores

·         online versions of these stores


We are allowing PIN based transactions.

(For example, if you go into a grocery store in Texas and your total is $230.You swipe your RCCU debit card and the screen asks for your pin. In order to process this transaction, you must enter your pin. You can’t bypass this screen and sign for the purchase as a credit-based transaction.)