Overdraft Options

Mistakes can happen, but with our Overdraft Options, you can help ensure your checking account is covered.  

Overdraft Protection

In the event your checking account is ever overdrawn, funds will automatically be transferred from your Overdraft Protection account to your checking account.  Overdraft accounts can be your Red Crown savings, a line of credit or even another checking account.   

Optional Overdraft Privilege Service, aka, "OOPS"

Whether you have an unexpected expense or a checkbook error, OOPS allows you the worry-free financial flexibility of knowing that your checks will likely be covered. (Some limitations may apply.) OOPS allows us to honor your withdrawal items even if it causes your account to become overdrawn.
  • Provides a cushion in your checking account to cover the unexpected.
  • Helps if you’ve inadvertently written a check without sufficient balance in your account to cover it.
  • Covers you if you just make a mistake in your checkbook balance.
  • Saves the embarrassment of an item not being paid, plus saves money by eliminating the fee normally charged by merchants for returned checks.
Sit back and relax, we have you covered for the unexpected "OOPS"!