Kirby Kangaroo 

For our younger savers age 12 and under, Red Crown offers the KIRBY KANGAROO Club™.

With a minimum deposit of $2.00, KIRBY members can select an item out of the KIRBY treasure chest.  With savings incentives, our KIRBY members are encouraged to save their money instead of spending it all. Plus, the KIRBY Kangaroo account earns dividends on a smaller balance, minimum of $1.00 on deposit, to help children see their savings grow faster.

With the KIRBY Club, children will not only learn how to use a financial institution, but they will have fun with savings incentives and special activities.  Members can visit the KIRBY Kangaroo web site for fun games, stories, coloring pages and jokes. 

Our goal is to make saving FUN while children develop good savings habits.

If your child or grandchild does not have a Red Crown account yet, now is the time to open one for them. All it takes is $5.00 to open the initial membership share, then the KIRBY account can be added.