Mobile Banking FAQs

1. What is Mobile Deposit?
Mobile Deposit is a feature of the Red Crown Mobile App for Microsoft, Android and Apple devices that allows a qualified Red Crown member to deposit a check with their compatible device.

2. How do I get Mobile Deposit?
Just look at your checking account in the app. The camera icon is for mobile deposits.

3. Who can use Mobile Deposit?
Any Red Crown member with a checking account. To access Mobile Deposit, you
  • must have a valid Red Crown deposit account in good standing,
  • must not be delinquent more than 30 days,
  • must not have loans in foreclosure,
  • must not have more than two returned checks on your account within the last twelve months, and
  • must have a compatible Microsoft, Apple or Android device.
Mobile Deposit is not available to members younger than 18 years old.

4. Is Mobile Deposit available for businesses?
Mobile Deposit is available for Business accounts. Also, Remote Deposit Capture service, that allows a business to scan their checks from their offices utilizing a scanner, is available through our Business Banking Services. For more information, please call (918) 477-3200.

5. Can I deposit checks into my Red Crown savings account?
No, you need to have a qualified Red Crown checking account to access Mobile Deposit.

6. Is Mobile Deposit safe and secure?
Mobile Deposit is completely secure. All communications between the mobile device and Red Crown are 100% encrypted. Additionally, no sensitive deposit information is stored on your device, including the picture of the check.

7. Are electronic versions of checks legal?
Yes, creating and depositing an electronic version of a check is completely legal. In fact, many businesses use the same method at the checkout counter. If you’ve ever had a business hand back your check after they scan it through the register, they were using their own electronic check deposit system.

8. Are there any fees associated with Red Crown Mobile Deposit?
No! Mobile Deposit is free to use.

9. How is depositing a check electronically different from depositing it in my branch?
There is no difference. Mobile Deposit is simply a more convenient way to deposit your check.

10. Can I deposit checks written on non-US banks?
Unfortunately, Mobile Deposit cannot take foreign checks at this time. Foreign institution checks must be sent for collection before funds are deposited.

11. Do I still need to endorse my checks for Mobile Deposit?
Yes. It is important to ensure you endorse any checks prior to depositing them.

Proper Endorsement:
Red Crown FCU, Date
Mobile Deposit

12. How do I know that the image quality of the picture I take is good enough?
To ensure the image quality, we recommend that you take the picture in a well lit area, place the check on a dark background, try to stay as steady as possible, keep all 4 corners of the check visible, and keep the check as flat as possible.

13. Why am I unable to deposit my check?
There could be several reasons that Mobile Deposit is unable to accept your check. If your check is not accepted, we recommend that you contact us at (918) 477-3200 9am -5pm Monday-Friday, 9am - 12pm Saturday.

14. How will I know when a check submitted through Mobile Deposit is posted to my account?
To verify that you have successfully deposited a check through Mobile Deposit, simply return to the account history screen. You can also do this in Online Banking from a desktop or laptop computer by going to “Account History”

15. How many checks can I deposit with Mobile Deposit?
You can deposit as many checks as you would like.

16. Is there a maximum dollar amount I can deposit using Mobile Deposit?
There is a limit on the dollar amount you can deposit using Mobile Deposit each day. If you attempt to make a deposit that exceeds your limit, your deposit will be reviewed by an authorized employee before it is approved.

17. What do I do with my check once I have deposited it using Mobile Deposit?
We recommended that you keep the check in a safe place until you have verified that the check has been approved. After that, we recommended that you destroy the check to protect your financial information.

18. What do I do if my check is rejected?
If you receive an immediate notice stating “unsuccessful”, your check deposit was rejected due to an unclear/blurry image. You will be instructed to take another picture of the check. If your check deposit is reversed after it was accepted by Mobile Deposit, we will send you a secure message in Online Banking stating the reason for rejection. It could be due to an unclear check image or 3rd party check. You may try to deposit the check again through Mobile Deposit, or bring the check to a Red Crown branch for additional review/discussion.

19. Are check photos stored anywhere on my Mobile Device?
No. Check images or sensitive deposit information is not stored locally on your device. It is accessible on your device through our secure servers, accessed through an encrypted connection.

20. Can I deposit Money Orders through Mobile Deposit?
No, Money Orders cannot be deposited through Mobile Deposit.

21. I have a temporary check from another institution. Can I use mobile deposit for this check?
No. The system will not allow temporary checks to be deposited through mobile deposit. This is a safety feature on this service.